"Return to the places where you were happy", they say... the first time I went to Havana I was not exactly happy, my mother had just passed away and I came with my family to "cure" the sadness. Surprisingly, on day two my uncle fell off a wall at the fort in Havana. We thought he had died because it was a 15m drop into a dark crevice... he broke ribs, spine, femur and lot of bones I can't even name. It was a month in the hospital until he was moved to Mexico for a longer stay. 
This time thousand of sad memories stuck in my head before stepping onto the island. Now I know that wounds also heal by losing the fear to be in those places where the heart had once broken.

With LOVE, Vicky ! 

Disfruté tanto, tanto, cada parte, y gocé tanto, tanto, cada todo, que me duele algo menos cuando partes porque aquí te me quedas de algún modo.
— Silvio Rodríguez