SUMMER 2017 


This year I wanted to celebrate  my one year anniversary as a nomad with a Roadtrip. Most of the time I travel for work but this time it was a pleasure trip for around 10 days starting in the West Coast of California and the North of Mexico. 

Before my trip I had the opportunity to be in an event called #IdeasQueViajan organized by TED and @MarriottHoteles, the main purpose was how the mind can change the way we see or feel things while we travel. I felt that I identified because for me it has become a way of life, after traveling so much I can't imagine it otherwise. 

The trip started in Long Beach, San Diego, Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe and finished in the mohave desert at Joshua Tree where the heat was so intense that most of the time we were at home, fortunately our AirBnb was so dreamy that a bunch of books, a hot tub and folk music were on point.

A roadtrip to remember, from now I´ll definitely think that our mind can be changed based on the experiences we live, maybe that´s just one of the reasons why I keep chasing the opportunity to travel and keep exploring... 





Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It´s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.
— Emma Chase

I want to share a video that always inspires me.

He is Jedidiah Jenkins, a writer who traveled from Oregon to Patagonia in his bicycle for about a year. I admire him since I found this video. 

Enjoy !